Our Mission


We are a dedicated group of students from The Missouri University of Science and Technology that work together to design, build, and test rockets for scientific use.

Every year we design a new solid propellant rocket for our competition, The Spaceport America Cup. We design and build the entire rocket from scratch out of the Missouri S&T Student Design and Experiential Learning Center (SDELC).

While we are actively getting things ready for our competition we are also currently in development of our first liquid propellant engine and doing bi-propellant engine test fires.

We seek to provide everyone a pathway for our new members to get involved and get their hands dirty by learning the basics of rocketry in our Rockets and You series and our Level One Program. We then put their skills to the test competing together in the Argonia Cup challenge.

We also fly payloads for commercial entities providing launch opportunities for everyone to get involved in launch operations. We provide hands on experience to our members to help prepare them for jobs after college. Members are given the unique opportunity to get direct exposure to how rockets are made and education on why we do things the way that we do. Our team objective is to assist in the professional and personal development of tomorrow’s engineers by pushing the boundaries of experimental rocketry.

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