October 5, 2023

Team Education

The Argonia Cup Project

Every year the team participates in The Argonia Cup Challenge. The goal of this competition is to launch a payload of as many golf balls as possible, as high as possible, using a two stage rocket. Our team educators guide a group of new members in the design, build, and eventual launch of the Argonia Cup rocket every year. We are able to take roughly 10-15 members out to Argonia, Kansas in March to compete in the competition.

The Level One Program

The Level One Program is a program designed to help new members build their own small-scale rocket with the help of the team’s experienced mentors. This will allow them to become Level One certified fliers with the Tripoli Rocketry Association, as well as give them hands on experience building their very own rocket!

Rockets & You

Rockets & You is an introductory class to anything and everything rocketry! It is a short series of lessons designed to teach new members the basics of rocketry, and how that information can be applied working on the team. Rockets and you is taught by our two team educators and run by the chief educator, with presentations put on by different leads on the team about their subgroups.

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