August 27, 2019

Solid Project Page

2023-2024 Project – Fortitude

The solid project would like to do the following with the 2023-2024 project to make progress towards a space-shot:

  • Launch a rocket on an SRAD motor for the first time in team history
  • Fully manufacture the airframe in house
  • Improve tracking methods for recovery
  • Fully manufacture all parachutes and recovery systems in house
  • Design and manufacture our own flight computers
  • Increase and improve aerodynamics testing
  • Improve our ground station setup

Past Projects

2023: Zenith

  • 30k attempt
  • Teams first minimum diameter competition attempt
  • Placed 21st at Spaceport America Cup in division
  • Placed 109th overall

2023: Great Value Zenith

  • Full scale test rocket for Zenith
  • Teams first minimum diameter attempt
  • Build in 6 weeks
  • 100% recovery rate

2022: Forward Unto Dawn

  • Successful 30k attempt
  • Cubesat payload format
  • Placed 5th at Spaceport America Cup in division
  • 100% recovery rate

2021: Andromeda II

  • Teams first successful 30k feet attempt
  • Highest impulse motor the team has used thus far
  • 100% recovery rate

2019: Nova

  • First year where two rockets were constructed
  • Seven launches between these two rockets were conducted
  • 100% recovery rate

2018: Daedalus

  • First student designed and built 30k feet rocket
  • New more powerful antenna design

2017: Hades

  • First flight on a student designed and built solid rocket motor (Zeus motor)
  • WIFI communication between the avionics bays reducing internal wiring
  • First GPS tracking system used for rocket recovery

2016: Helios

  • First fully student designed and built composite airframe
  • First working telemetry system

2015: Hyperion

  • Team’s first flight attempt at IREC
  • First in-house made parachutes
  • First in-house nosecone
  • Intended to fly to 25,000 feet, crashed, utterly destroyed on impact
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